Songwriters Showcase | September 2009

Songwriters Showcase | September 2009

An Evening With:

Fred Wilhelm ~ Lori McKenna Mark Erelli ~ Catie Curtis

(L to R.) Granby Education Foundation Chair Trish Percival, Musicians Fred Wilhelm, Lori McKenna, Mark Erelli and Catie Curtis, Event Chair Susan Accetura

Local musician, Fred Wilhelm, brought his fabulously talented friends Lori McKenna, Catie Curtis and Mark Erelli to Granby, filling the ears and hearts of 500 listeners with a soundtrack by which all might look at parents, partners, and children a little more clearly.

A review by Jeff Giles at
...Fairly straightforward Nashville blue-collar storytelling stuff? Sure. Under different circumstances, I’m not even sure the song would have resonated with me at all. But there in the Granby Memorial High School Auditorium, I was blown away — first by McKenna, then by Mark Erelli’s ferocious, mandolin-backed “Baltimore,” and so on and so forth, on through the night. I was never anything less than captivated. I was probably most surprised by Erelli, simply because of my (totally incorrect) pre-conceived notions of his work; my favorite number of the evening was “Once,” a song inspired by the birth of his son...

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