“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” - Picasso

Fall 2014

"Fiesta del Norte" Assembly:

This program was extended to GMMS and GMHS after its success in the spring at the Kelly Lane and Wells Road Schools. An additional $1,100 was awarded to bring the well-known Mariachi group Fiesta del Norte to perform for students in support of their Spanish language curriculum. “Fiesta del Norte dresses in traditional “charro” outfits and plays a wide repertoire highlighting the varied styles of music from several areas of Mexico. They use authentic instruments behind their beautiful bilingual singing, and weave song translations, storytelling and cultural insights between songs.” (Application submitted by: Laura Iapichino – GMHS Spanish Teacher, and Mark Neri – GMMS & GMHS Band Teacher)

Mid-Stage Curtain:

GMHS was awarded $5,456 for the purchase and installation of a mid-stage curtain on the stage of the auditorium. The curtain will increase the versatility of the space for use by the students and community, allowing for contiguous space usage and providing the tools necessary to enhance the curriculums of the drama and music programs. (Application submitted by: Nikki Currie-Huggard – GMHS Drama Teacher, Karen Kudish – GMHS English Teacher, and Emily Cote – GMHS Student)

Percussion Concert:

Valley Pre-School was awarded $400 to sponsor a percussion program which allows children to have a direct and hands-on experience with a variety of cultures through music and a diversity of instruments. (Application submitted by: Maureen Williams – Valley Pre-School Board Member)

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